How to Keep your Kids Safe around Cannabis Edibles

Updated January 25th, 2024

Cannabis in any form is toxic to children. Parents who use cannabis need to be aware of the risks. Since edibles look like regular food (gummy bears, brownies, lollipops, cookies), children can’t tell the difference. They need to be protected.

  • It is important that children do not eat cannabis. It can make them very sick and put them at risk of poisoning or overdose.
  • Smaller children are at higher risk of poisoning because of their size and weight.
  • If you think your child has swallowed cannabis, call the Manitoba Poison Centre at 1-855-776-4766 or seek medical attention right away.
  • Call 911 or your local emergency number right away if your child is having difficulty breathing, trouble with coordination, having a seizure or is extremely sleepy.

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Safety tips:

Set an example:

  • Kids love to watch and copy what their parents do. Whether using cannabis as medicine or for recreation, avoid consuming it any form in front of children.

Lock it up:

  • Parents should keep cannabis out of the sight and reach of children, if possible in a locked cabinet. Invest in a safe, a lock box, a locking bag or have a lock put on a cupboard. It is best for any poisonous products to be stored “out of sight and locked up tight”.
  • Store your guests’ purses, coats or bags that have cannabis products in a secure place while they are in your home.

Label it:

  • Keep all medicine and other drugs in their original, child-resistant packaging. If it is not in its original packaging, make sure to label it.

Clean it up:

  • Put cannabis products away after every use, even if you plan on using it again later.
  • Always throw away waste products like ashes, unfinished joints or pieces of edibles.

Talk to older kids:

  • If you use a babysitter, ensure they are mature, responsible and recommended by someone you trust. Ask them not to bring cannabis, alcohol or any other harmful substances into your home.
  • Make sure teens and friends are aware of the danger of cannabis to young children. Share this article with them.
Parenting your Kids:

Using cannabis can reduce your ability to pay attention, make decisions and react to emergencies. This can affect your ability to respond to your child’s needs and keep him safe.

You may not notice if your child:

  • Is in danger
  • Needs medical attention.
  • Needs to be comforted
  • Shows cues for hunger
  • Needs to connect, play and learn

When you consume cannabis edibles the effects are delayed (up to 2-3 hours) and you may end up taking more cannabis than you planned. Consuming cannabis in foods or drinks can make people feel higher than expected and the effects typically last for several hours.

Safety tips:
  • To ensure your child’s safety always have a plan in place.
  • Be sure that there is always someone available who is not high to take care of your child.
Impaired Driving:
  • Like alcohol, cannabis affects your judgment and ability to drive.
  • No one should ever drive impaired. Know the law.


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