Jogging Strollers

Updated April 17th, 2019

Jogging strollers allow you to jog or run while pushing your child.  These strollers typically have three large wheels, making them easier to turn and a heavier suspension system to make the child’s ride smoother. Some jogging strollers convert into bike trailers.

Parents should be aware of a few concerns about jogging strollers:

  • Despite the enhanced suspension systems, they can cause jarring and stress to a young baby’s neck and spine.
  • Parents could trip and fall, causing the stroller to tip and the child to fall.
  • While the parent may feel warm while jogging in cool weather, infants in strollers are not exercising so they may be cold.

When shopping for a jogging stroller, look for one that has…

  • Deep seat with 5 point harness
  • Three large fixed wheels
  • Hand brake and a foot-operated parking brake
  • Wrist strap
  • Sun shield
  • Back-up locks that prevent sudden folding of the stroller
  • Headrest
  • Fully reclining seat

When jogging…

  • Practice running with a stroller before you take your baby out. Start with a brisk walk then lead up to a run.
  • Avoid running in extreme heat or cold.
  • Wear good footwear while pushing a stroller – never in-line skates.
  • Jog on smooth surfaces away from traffic.
  • Run at a pace where you are in control of the stroller.
  • Supervise your child at all times he/she is in the stroller.
  • Helmets are not required for jogging strollers. If your child does wear one, be sure that the seatback does not force the child’s head and helmet forward.
  • Follow manufacturer’s age recommendations and instructions.
  • Use the stroller for walking until your baby is at least 6 months old.  After that you can jog or run.
  • Use a jogging stroller for jogging or running.  Regular four wheeled strollers are not safe for these activities.
  • Always fasten the child’s safety harness.
  • Use the wrist strap so the stroller doesn’t get away from you.
  • To avoid tipping the stroller, do not overload it or hang items on the back.
  • If using the stroller with an infant, keep stroller free of extra padding, pillows or blankets as these can cause suffocation.