What is chestfeeding?

Updated August 28th, 2018

As part of the WRHA’s efforts to create an inclusive space for all families we recognize that some transgender, gender nonconforming (gnc) and nonbinary individuals identify with the term “chestfeeding” to “breastfeeding” when referring to feeding their children from their bodies.

The information on human feeding (breastfeeding/chestfeeding) is based in evidence and best practice and is intended to support all families.

Respectful language is a first step towards making prenatal, postpartum and parenting healthcare safe for transgender and gnc people.

Not all healthcare providers have experience working with trans and gnc people. You have the right tell your healthcare providers what language makes you most comfortable.

Including chestfeeding in our communications is one of the ways the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority provides support for parents of all gender identities and all family structures.