Postpartum “Baby Blues”

Updated August 19th, 2018

Many different feelings come with being a new parent. They can range from happiness and joy to unexpected sadness and feeling overwhelmed. About 75% of new mothers experience baby blues.

What are the baby blues?

In the first few weeks after giving birth many new mothers have mood swings, worry a lot, cry easily and have trouble sleeping. This is often called the baby blues. Baby blues is normal and is caused by changing hormones and adjusting to parenting. Baby blues doesn’t last long.  These feelings usually begin a few days after birth and go away on their own within two weeks.

Coping with baby blues

  • Be kind to yourself – this is a time of many changes (body, mind, routines).
  • People want to help. Don’t be afraid to ask for and accept help from friends and family. People can help you by bringing you a meal, doing your grocery shopping or cleaning your house.
  • If you have concerns about how you are feeling, talk to your public health nurse, doctor, or midwife.

You can support someone with baby blues by:

  • listening to how she is feeling
  • helping with household chores
  • taking care of baby and other children
  • making meals
Safety tip: Baby blues should go away within two weeks. If the symptoms continue longer or get worse, you may be experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety. If this is the case, it’s important that you get help from your health care provider.


Winnipeg Regional Health Authority- Mental Health Promotion